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"At Andrew Law, we are passionate about practicing law, but we are most passionate about applying the law to help our clients triumph over complicated and stressful events. " 

-Idowu Ohioze-

Ehi Okoedion, LLB
Phone: (587) 938-1577
Fax:      (780) 705-2135

Ehi Okoedion is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. Before seeking to re-qualify to practice law in Canada he had over 11 years experience in corporate commercial legal practice and real estate.


Ehi is keen about business and business law, and how they affect the people beyond the company and the brand. Ehi is hoping to pursue experience in

business law, family law, immigration law, and real estate law.


Ehi enjoys music, fashion, personal finance, travelling, and spending

meaningful time with family and friends.



  • Practice Readiness Education Program 2022

  • Certificate of Qualification, Federation of Law Societies of Canada 2021

  • B.L, Nigerian Law School 2008

  • LL.B, University of Benin, Nigeria 2006

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