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"At Andrew Law, we are passionate about practicing law, but we are most passionate about applying the law to help our clients triumph over complicated and stressful events. " 

-Idowu Ohioze-

Karimat Olajuwon, LLB
Phone: (587) 938-1577
Fax:      (780) 705-2135

Karimat Olajuwon is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association.  Prior to moving to Canada, she gained some experience in criminal law, property law and corporate law. Having moved to Canada in 2016, she studied and passed her NCA requirements. Also, she attended Grant MacEwan University for a Diploma in Paralegal Studies.


Karimat has a particular interest in criminal justice and its administration. Karimat is hoping to pursue experience in criminal law, family law, immigration law, civil litigation and real estate law.


Karimat enjoys watching soccer, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.

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