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Andrew Law

At                        , we know our clients, we empower them           we fight for them. 


We are a friendly, cross-culturally savvy, highly motivated and determined team; we have a strong commitment to the best outcome. Our drive to help you succeed is backed by a very strong work ethic. We will apply ourselves to resolving your matter and we will not stop until we uncover the best result driving by the facts of the case. 

Our affordable lawyers will give you personalized services, professional attention and will carefully guide you through all legal processes ensuring that reasonable expectations and probable outcomes are suitably matched.

Some of our best times at Andrew Law are the ones we spend delivering pro-bono services within Canada and internationally. Over the years, we have given legal presentations to hundreds of individuals through not-for-profit organizations, cultural associations, religious organizations and small community groups. 

We are honest; giving unbiased, no-frills advice at all times. Be empowered! Our sincere and well thought out opinions will help you make the best decisions regarding your matter. We would love to help you achieve the success you desire; call us so we can start working for you today.







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