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"At Andrew Law, we give everything we have to help our clients succeed; we do not cut corners. The truth may not sound pretty at times, but we tell it regardless! We maintain high ethical standards, and work resiliently in the pursuit of our clients' success and happiness."
-Team Andrew Law-

Idowu (ID) Ohioze, LLM 

Principal Lawyer

Phone: (587) 938-1577

Fax:      (780) 705-2135


Popularly known as "ID", Idowu has several years of post-call experience from two jurisdictions (Canada and Nigeria). He obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Benin and his designation as a lawyer from the Nigerian Law School. He practiced in Nigeria prior to relocating to Canada several years ago.

Idowu graduated from the University of Alberta with a Masters degree in Law (LLM). He was called to the Alberta bar after completing his articles with Field LLP and Alberta Health Services; he is also a member of the Northwest Territories (NWT) bar and regularly appears in courts in that jurisdiction. His legal experience cuts a rich profile as he has worked in health services, law enforcement, and in post secondary sectors prior to veering into private practice.

Idowu is very passionate about community building and currently volunteers with various community initiatives in the City of Edmonton. Amongst others, he volunteers with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC), and through his commitment with the ECLC, continues to provide public legal education on family and immigration law to target groups and organizations. He also presently sits on the Provincial Government's Attendance Board under the Education Act.
Idowu's success is driven by his passion for law and his deep concern for his clients' well being. At all times and with all matters, he applies himself conscientiously and tenaciously.
His most enjoyable times are those he spends with his family. In his spare time, he loves to watch soccer, cycle and take long walks with his two lovely boys. He also enjoys reading and teaching, meeting with friends and writing about global political and socio-economic issues. 

Idowu is fluent in the English language, Pidgin English, and African languages such as Yoruba and Edo. 

Community Development:

  • Member of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench Restorative Justice Committee headed by Justice A. Loparco

  • Public member, Provincial Attendance Board (2018 ~),

  • Volunteer lawyer at the Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC)

  • Legal director, Fulton Meadows Community League

  • Council member, Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership (ELIP)

  • Former board director at the Africa Centre

  • Public legal education speaker

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