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Areas of specialization include:

  • Preparation of and advising on testamentary disposition (wills)

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Personal Directives

  • Grant of Probate

  • Grant of Administration


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Let us help you plan and prepare your


To protect you and the ones you love

  • Do you own a home, a piece of land, a car or anything of value?

  • Jointly own properties with your spouse or with a friend/business partner?

  • Are you single or married with children, parents or siblings that you care about?

  • Do you have a blended family and sometimes worry about how all parties would fare should anything happen to you?

  • Do you have one or several accounts including some that are offshore?

  • Have you ever thought of designating a guardian for your minor children?

  • Do you want to ensure that your assets are transferred to designated beneficiaries in the event of death?

  • Is keeping your business in your family important to you?

  • Do you have family assets or heirlooms you would like to protect in case of death or future divorce?

  • Have you ever thought of how decisions will be made on your behalf should your capacity to act be compromised temporarily or permanently?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, please call us now!

From October 25, 2020 - November 25, 2020, Andrew Law Office will be offering everyone the combo of a Will, an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Personal Directive at heavily discounted rates as follows:

Combo for one person - $500.00 plus GST

Combo for couples - $850.00 plus GST


To inquire further on what these documents represent and how we can help you, call 587-938-1577 or click HERE to leave a message through our 'contact us' form.


We look forward to working with you towards protecting what matters most to you.

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